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 Nathan Satran

Dinosaurs In Southeast Montana

We dig dinosaurs out here.

In fact, we really like all fossils. Way before Montana was Montana – like millions of years before – dinosaurs roamed this area. Today, traces of these prehistoric giants appear across the Hell Creek Formation, such as a complete Triceratops skull, Tyrannosaurus Rex and a nearly complete skeleton of a Thescelosaurus.

For the truly dino-crazy folks, we recommend the Montana Dinosaur Trail, which includes 14 facilities across eastern and northern Montana. Purchase your very own Prehistoric Passport to collect the 14 unique dino stamps along the trail.

Beyond these paleontological wonders, rockhounds will also find opportunities to search for coveted Montana moss agates along the Yellowstone River and its tributaries, including custom tours.

All these and more are yours to discover through museums, digs and tours out here.