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Make For Makoshika

Make For Makoshika

off of I-94

Makoshika State Park (the biggest in the state) packs a potent mix: deep ravines, miles of trails, abundant wildlife, fossils and even a disk golf course. Every summer, in Glendive, take in a play by the Montana Shakespeare Company or celebrate the return of the turkey buzzard in June with a run during Buzzard Day celebrations.

Makoshika isn't the only geological wonder around. The Terry Badlands boast rock formations and the town of Terry: home to the (haunted) Kempton Hotel or the Prairie County Museum and Evelyn Cameron Gallery showcasing the essence of pioneer life through black and white photography. Back in Glendive go agate-hunting along the Yellowstone River or tour the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum.

Near the Montana and North Dakota border, in Wibaux, admire St. Peter's Catholic Church's impressive native stone walls. Clinch your trip with a local microbrew or homemade root beer at the Beaver Creek Brewery and chicken fried steak at the Shamrock Club.