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Kinney Coulee Hiking Trail

Kinney Coulee Hiking Trail

1301 Snyder Avenue
Glendive, MT
Kinney Coulee Trail, located 3 miles from the park entrance, provides visitors with an alternative trail to take from the top heights of the park down into a rugged coulee. This trail is established only for the first mile, allowing visitors to scramble and pick their own way once they descend into the coulee. Length: 1 Mile Trail Begins: Left at Radio Hill Junction, then first dirt road to right will bring you to Kinney Coulee Trailhead. Trail Ends: Bottom of Kinney Coulee USGS Map1: Glendive, Montana Township 15N; Range 56E; Section 18


Makoshika State Park is located 1/4 mile southeast of Glendive. Take I-94 Glendive Exits and follow signs two to three miles through town to Makoshika State Park. Makoshika is adjacent to the southeast city limits.1