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Elk Island

Elk Island

Elk Island Wildlife Management Area encompasses 948 acres. Management goal: To provide maximum hunting opportunities, primarily for white-tailed deer and pheasants, while also maintaining wildlife populations and the unique riparian ecosystem in a viable and healthy condition. Special attractions: Populations of white-tailed deer and pheasants provide excellent hunting. Sharp-tailed grouse, Canada geese, and mallards are common during fall. Several sloughs and small ponds in the area provide cattail and rush habitat for nesting waterfowl and furbearers. A boat launching ramp allows access to the river and islands. Other pursuits include agate hunting, asparagus and berry picking, bird-watching, trapping, boating and fishing, and wildlife viewing.


Elk Island Wildlife Management Area is located Richland County, approximately 2 miles southeast of Savage. On Highway 16 between mileposts 32 and 33, then 1 mile northeast on an all-weather county road.1