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Brad Downey's Angler's Edge

Brad Downey's Angler's Edge

Brad Downey's Anglers Edge offers float trips and fishing. The Bighorn River in south central Montana is considered by many, including myself, to be the finest trout stream in the United States. It is one of those rare resources that has consistent angling for trophy trout throughout the year. The Bighorn is a tail water fishery with a regulated flow that is rich in insect life. It is a broad river that makes the riffles, long pools and many side channels easy to wade. An abundant bio mass of aquatic life support a trout population of six thousand fish per mile. Hatches are varied and prolific. Trout averaged better than 15 inches and trophies better than 20 inches are very common. The Bighorns remarkable catch statistics are unmatched in the west. Brad has been on the Bighorn since it opened in 1981 and knows the river intimately. Be assured of our guides being knowledgeable and working hard to give you the best possible fishing.


Brad Downey's Angler's Edge is located in Fort Smith, Montana which is 90 miles from Billings on Highway 313 and one mile north of Fort Smith.1