Book 'n' Bear / The Coffee Den

Book 'n' Bear / The Coffee Den

104 South Merrill Avenue
Glendive, MT
For over 24 years the Book 'n' Bear Nook has been an excellent place to find gifts for all occasions. The addition of The Coffee Den has made it an excellent place to stop by and grab a cup of coffee. The Book 'n' Bear Nook offers many gift items, including Camille Beckman, Yankee Candles and Claire Burke. The Book 'n' Bear Nook carries inspirational gifts, bath and body products, Made in Montana and Montana souvenir items. The Book 'n' Bear Nook also has many home and garden accessories, including, floor rugs, pictures and frames, garden stones and stakes, etc. And, of course, the Book 'n' Bear Nook has new and used books including historical, inspirational, and humorous books. If you are looking for a particular book, give us a call and we will try to track it down for you. The Book 'n' Bear Nook also carries scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting and other craft supplies and holds classes and/or workshops. If interested, please call and let us know. The Coffee Den is a wonderful place to meet a friend for coffee or lunch. The Coffee Den opens a 6:00 a.m. for those who are looking for an early morning cup of coffee or maybe a latte' for the road. The Coffee Den serves breakfast items like, quiche, baked oatmeal and breakfast bagels (w/ ham, egg and cheese). Of course, they still serve fresh caramel and cinnamon rolls daily (usually by 8:00am). For lunch The Coffee Den usually serves two soups, a salad, a sandwich, and a dessert of the day. The Coffee Den also serves baked potatoes daily. Our toppings include Broccoli and Cheese or Chili. The Coffee Den serves some of the best - (even if we say so ourselves) homemade pies and cheesecakes. Whole pies and cheesecakes can be purchased (advance orders are recommended). It is our goal to make as many of our goodies fresh daily as possible, so we apologize for the times we run out. And remember when we say HOMEMADE we mean HOMEMADE. We do all of our cooking in the kitchen located in the back of the Coffee Den and the recipes are the same as the one's we use at home (okay we make them a little larger at times - like for a big family gathering). Keep an eye on us as we continue to add new and fun gifts lines at the Book 'n' Bear Nook and as we continue trying out new recipes at the Coffee Den. You never know what next. (Have you tried the Cream of Artichoke or Cheeseburger soups - You don't know what you are missing.) The Coffee Den has meeting space available. Reservations are usually required. Call for more information.


The Coffee Den at the Book 'n' Bear Nook is located on Glendive's main thorough fare, Merrill Avenue.1