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Bighorn River

PO Box 7458
Fort Smith, MT
The Bighorn is a gentle cool, clear water river and a “World Class” blue ribbon trout fishery. Water currents are much swifter than they appear on the surface. There are numerous short runs or rapids which are easily negotiable by raft, canoe, kayak, or any other type of watercraft, even to the novice floater. Boats with motors are prohibited on this upper thirteen miles of the Bighorn. The most frequently caught fish are the brown trout. Rainbow trout are highly prized but relatively scarce. Due to Crow Tribal and private land ownership, access to the Bighorn is limited. The National Park Service maintains public parking and launching facilities at the Afterbay Dam (River Launch) and the 3 mile (Lind) access downstream. The state of Montana maintains the Bighorn Access thirteen miles downstream.