Winston the Sloth Makes His Way To Montana

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Winston the Sloth Makes His Way To Montana

2020-10-01 19:54:25

Guest Blog: Winston, Visit Billings

Hello everyone, my name is Winston, the Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloth that just moved to Billings. They told me Montana’s Trailhead was filled with friendly people, but I had no idea how excited everyone would be to meet me. Director Jeff suggested I tell everyone a little about myself, and after our road-trip I was afraid he would make me listen to his music again if I didn’t, so here it goes!

Usually, I live in South America and surprisingly per my name, I only have two toes! I am one of the world’s slowest mammals, which explains why it took me SO long to get to Montana. I can be so sedentary that algae will grow on my coat, no need for special hair products, nature has got me covered!  I even sometimes have a species of moth that lives in my fur. Fun! I don’t have time to worry about my hair though, because I spend about 15-20 hours a day napping. So when you visit me please don’t worry if I am sleeping, I need my beauty rest, it’s hard to wake up this cute!

Director Jeff got a few questions about how it was to road trip with a sloth, and I can tell you there aren’t many sloth friendly parks out there, but thankfully I only have to use the restroom once a week, so it made the pit stops a little easier. I also can’t pass gas, so no need to roll down the windows. I gotta say, those hotel showers, boy they make things steamy. I just love that humidity!

Most of my days are spent hanging around, although I can walk on the ground, I am just a bit clumsy down there. Fun fact, I am a really good swimmer if I need to be. In fact, I will often launch myself out of a tree into a river below if I’m worried some creep is trying to eat me. Thankfully, Director Jeff gave me a ride to Montana, swimming the Great Lakes would have been tough!

I am so excited to be here at ZooMontana, and I have already made some great friends. They are all a bit energetic for me, but I am sure they will come around to my way of life eventually!  My goal is to get my zookeepers to sleep the day away with me! Don’t tell Jeff. I also see that the gift shop has plush toys that look just like me! I wonder how many hours they sleep a day to look that cute? Director Jeff says I should be open to the public by the end of October. Toes crossed that he’s right, because I am excited to meet you. Be sure to say hi, but please, don’t wake me.

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