Visiting Battlefields in Montana

2021-06-16 20:52:35

The anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn is just over a week away, this year being celebrated with a Reenactment and Little Bighorn Days.

The battlefields spread across Montana are steeped in history and tell the stories of past conflicts that shaped the land. If you are looking for a place to start, Traveling Mel visited four battlefields across the state and had this to say:

"Montana’s battlefields look a little different than their eastern counterparts because there are Indian memorials and offerings alongside the traditional gravestones and U.S. memorials. I’ll warn you- it can be heartbreaking- but it’s important. Like most history lessons. The four battlefields mentioned below are sacred places. They are places to commemorate the many lives that were lost there — which, I suppose, all historic battlefields are meant to do. They are cemeteries, after all."

Find the full blog post here for an itinerary to visiting battlefields in Montana.