Amazing Adventures for Ordinary People

2020-08-03 19:25:23

Guest Blogger: Coleman Concierge

When the team from Coleman Concierge visited Southeast Montana, they were amazed by the beauty of the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. They compiled a dozen facts about the lake, canyon, river, dam and surrounding areas to inspire your next trip:

“Bighorn Canyon in Southeastern Montana might be just about the coolest place you never heard of. It’s like a trip on Lake Powell through the Grand Canyon, but with all the beauty and wonder of Montana. Impressive – Yes. Beautiful – Indeed.”

To learn more about the Coleman’s trip to Southeast Montana, read the full post here.

Traveler Alert 8/12/20: The Ok-A-Beh Marina and swim beach, boat rentals and MK Hill picnic area—located in the North Unit of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area near Fort Smith, Montana—are temporarily closed. Boaters may still launch their watercraft. Click here for the latest Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area travel alerts and here for the latest Montana travel alerts.